Sunday, April 17, 2016

March in Bruneck!

March was very snowy in the beginning of the month and the spring finally arrived!! Milo and I went on lots of hikes in March. Enjoy all of the nature pics!

Snowy nights at the Stadium!

Woke up to these perfect pines!

Hikes in the heavy thick snow!

Drinks with the girls to celebrate the win for the first series vs. Gardena!

Sports bar

Remember Lago di Braies. We went there in November you can see the pictures here >>---> lago-di-braies. In March it was completely covered in snow and frozen we walked across the entire lake! Both beautiful!

Taking a seat.

Lagrein in a wine from South Tyrol.

Burger Night at Riverside in Perca (where we live)

Kev got the double!

Snuggles with this sweet boy!

My Niece Andi Michelle was born on March 14th! Can't wait to meet her!

Spring is blooming!

Went to Cron 4 with the Bouchards to lay in the sun and float around the pool!

Just some more hikes for Milo and Me.

We had a nice team lunch at Kathi (captains wife) hotel that she works at Falkentseiner-Family-Hotel-Lido-Ehrenburgerhof. It was very nice!

Most of the girls.

Kev and Jonas (Captain and Kathi's son)

Captain and Kev with Milo.

Kevin went in the freezing water in March to ice his legs! Crazy!

More hiking. Really learned the trails in Perca and figured out where they connect so I could take a different way home.

Perca below.

Fun road trip to Asiago during playoffs!

So nice to see Kirsten! I love her.

Bruneck Babes!

Sergio and Kirst!

For Easter the Durnwalder Family gave us some delicious cooked speck!

Kevin and I went to the butcher in San Lorenzo to get this delicious Lamb and I made cheesy potatoes and a spinach salad for Easter dinner!

peace & love,
K . A . M