Friday, September 5, 2014

Lido di Jesolo!

Kirsten and I had a puppy vacation last weekend for Milo and Winston. They are fast besties! We went down to Jesolo and hung out on Bau Bau Beach for 3 days and visited our friend Nati that works at Hotel Almar. We stayed at Hotel Residence Mara which was a pet friendly bed & breakfast. All of Jesolo was very pet friendly, which was very nice that we could take our pups anywhere!
Car ride to Jesolo! Nati was so nice to come pick us up and drive us down and take us back to Asiago! <3 It was an adventure.

 Pups cruising the boardwalk!

Really is beautiful here.

 Bau Bau Beach was amazing just for the pups. We got an umbrella and lounge chairs to relax on, and they provided bowls and water filling stations for the pups only for 8 Euro a day!

Just us and our dogs. 

 Breakfast at Hotel Mara.

 Hotel Almar.

Visiting Nati at work

Hotel Almar.

Cute little cafe that we relaxed at on Sunday.

Ciao Ciao Jesolo. Hope to see you again soon.. with the guys ;)

peace & love,
The Devo's

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Siamo di Nuovo!

We are back for another Hockey Season in Asiago. I can't believe this is our 4th year together living overseas. Wow time really does fly. We must be having a lot of fun ;) Our summer was amazing with our wedding on July 18th and spending time with family and friends! Excited for our first year of marriage together!! Wishing for all things wonderful. :) We are currently settling back in to the same apartment as last year in Canove! Everything is coming together we are just waiting on a car!

Gonna miss you all so much :( My mom threw us a nice last dinner together before we left. 

Love this little boy!

Surprise dinner from my adorable husband on our 1 month anniversary <3 8.18.14

 Our baby in Frankfort between flights :(

In route to Asiago. Happy to be in his mamas arms :)

Invited to lunch first thing! so nice

Back in Asiago and happy!

Milo cruising the trails again. Looking for his horse friends.

Walk from Canove to Asiago and back again with Milo, Kirsten and Winston!

Peace & Love,
The Devo's

Friday, April 25, 2014

Arrivederci Asiago!

Been meaning to put this post up!! Goodbye Asiago it has been an amazing season for Kevin, Milo and I! So glad we have made the friends we have in our time there! Thanks for making it so great! love and miss you all! These are the photos over the last month or so with our Asiago friends! The last 2 months were such amazing weather! Now we are settling back into Detroit! Good to be back home with all of our friends and family! Everyone is in shock at how big Milo is now! It's going to be an amazing Summer!

Rita, her parents, and the fans invited us to an amazing 4 course meal at La Tana Ristorante in Asiago! Rita says he's the best chef in town! Simply amazing.

75 degrees sitting with Kirsten on the patio at Europa! I miss this!

Hot sun!

Hikes and runs with Milo everyday!

He's an explorer and loves it here!

Game nights with the girls!

Pre game at Vino da Paulino! Love these beauts!

Fish fridays! The fish truck parked outside our house every friday so it was very convenient to buy fish only on fridays though! Since fish isn't available at the market, just lots of meat!

The best wine in the world! Amarone! Wine nights with Kirst!

Fancy drinks in the sun at Bar Europa!

Milo's favorite spot on the balcony.. sun bathing everyday! :)

St. Patrick's Day breakfast for Kevin! Shamrock Frittata with pancetta and potatoes!

Sun shine at Adler with this beauty!

Paulo Marchesi and Natasha put together an amazing lunch for us at Melette!

Loved the view! Learned from Paulo that sand from the Sahara desert blows into the Italian Alps! Because there was fields of dirty snow and we all wondered what it was.

The guys with Paulo Marchesi! What a gem

Fun day with amazing friends! :)

Free Wi-Fly! ;)

Risotto with salsiccia and radicchio!

Our lunch host himself!

The first day of spring in Italy!

The last game with Kirsten before she went home! Miss my asiago bestie :(

Vintage records at Vino da Paulino!

Nati <3

My boys hanging out on the balcony!

They love each other!

Game 5 of the semi-finals was on the road at Renon and all of us girls decided to go! Asiago ended up losing this game so it was the last game of the season, but was a great experience, so much fun, and I was so glad I went! We took the military roads down the mountain, which were a steep drop and just one lane wide with a cliff on one side and rock wall on the other. If another car was coming the other way we had to throw it in reverse until there was a spot wide enough for both to pass and around the corners you have to honk your horn just so another car knows your there. Scariest road I've ever been on.

I got to see the Dolomites and some of the prettiest valleys I have ever seen! It was a very scenic trip!

Cheering on the guys from the Ultras!

Milo in the center of Asiago!

Perfect carrots I just had to take a picture! at Migross!

Trip down the mountain to find Milo a new crate.. no luck!

He's a little nervous to travel! Poor guy has been by our side and wanting to cuddle constantly while we pack and clean the apartment.

Isn't he so beautiful! One of our last meals in Asiago! Pennar lunch is the best thing ever for only 12 euro a person!

Of course we went to Vecchia Stazione for our last meal! Our absolutely favorite!

Amarone! If you haven't ever tried Amarone, you have to!

So big I couldn't even finish half of it! The chef who is a big fan of the team came out and sat with us for a bit! The first time I met him was at a game and I told him I was Devergilio's fiance and he pulled out a picture from the locker room of Kevin in his towel after they won the supercoppa... lol

Our journey started at 3 AM from Asiago and we departed Venice at 6:45 getting a nice view of the Sunrise!

Lufthansa really is the best way to fly especially of your are flying with a pet. They have a puppy hotel at the Frankfort Airport!

When you fly around easter they give you chocolate bunnies!

Can't wait to see all of you next season!!! :)

peace & love,
K . A . M