Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Poli Museo Della Grappa!

"Grappa is the only true Italian spirit."
We checked out the Grappa Museum located in Bassano, which is just an hour drive down that mountain and the home of Grappa! Italy is the ideal place for grapes, thanks to its mild and favourable climate. Grappa is the distillate of marc produced exclusively in Italy. The marc, i.e. the pips and skins of grapes, obtained from the vinification process, must come exclusively from grapes grown in Italy. Any other distillate of non-Italian marc cannot be called Grappa, even if produced inside the national borders. for more information check out the website! www.grappa.com

Views from the Ponte Vecchio in Bassano!

Blueberry Grappa is the best!

peace & love,
K . A . M

Verona in LOVE!

Kevin and I went to Verona for Valentines Day with our friends Kirsten and Layne Ulmer! It was great day to be in one of the romantic cities in the world on Valentines Day! Verona In Love is a festival that is in Verona during the week of Valentines Day. Gives couples a chance to experience a magical time in the unique and poetic city that was the backdrop to one of the most famous love stories and romantic literature, 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare. There are booths of chocolate and treats, wine tastings, live music, and the city is covered in hearts! :)

Love letters to Juliet!

Touching Juliet's boob for good luck!

Juliet's Balcony!

Love them all!

Risotto with Amarone wine! Best wine I ever had in Italy! A traditional wine of Verona and its region and a traditional dish! Yum!

peace & love,
K . A . M