Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ferienzeit in Bruneck!

The Holiday's In Bruneck!

< < < T H A N K S G I V I N G > > > 

Got lucky that Hotel Hofer was serving Turkey Schnitzel on Thanksgiving!  

Celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday since Kevin always has a game on Thanksgiving. First Thanksgiving with no oven. 

< < < K R O N P L A T Z > > >

Fun day at Kronplatz before it actually snowed. They made fake snow for weeks to get ready for the tourist through the holiday season. Kronplatz is South Tyrol's number 1 ski destination. looking to visit: www.kronplatz.com

< < < N A T I O N A L   T E A M > > >

Kevin headed to play with the Italian National Team for the first time in December. They had 3 days of training in the Czech and then 3 days of games in Katowice, Poland. They won 1 game and Kevin played 2 and had 2 points (1 goal and 1 assist).

Before he left we had a nice dinner at a steakhouse called Hardimitzn in Bruneck. www.hardimitzn.com

Lagrein is my favorite wine of this region we currently live in!

The food was amazing! Can't wait to go back for another date night! 

The tiramisu came with a side of cotton candy :)

Since the boys had to be in Brixen (Bressanone) at 6 AM to catch the bus for national team, another wife and I had to go pick up her car in Brixen later that day. Brixen is 40 minutes from Bruneck. We stopped for sushi at Grissino, which is a restaurant at the Acquarena in Brixen. www.acquarena.com/grissino

While Kevin was gone Milo and I went on many hikes and walks along different trails.

Pink Skies.

My jcrew Chelsea Rain Boots are perfect for travel (take up a lot less space than my hunters) and walking Milo on the farm and muddy trails.

The trail along this creek is so peaceful and the water is so cold coming down from the mountains. It smells so fresh.  

Made a lot of batches of Christmas Cookies in my teeny tiny toaster oven.

Thumbprints and Russian Teacakes. My Faves.

Handmade holiday happy tags! 

Kevins team congratulating him! 

When Kevin got back from National Team we went to lunch at my favorite restaurant in Bruneck, Rienzbräu. www.rienzbraeu.com

Kevins next tournament with the National Team is the Qualification for Men at the 2018 Winter Olympics. They are held in Cortina, Italy which is only 1 hour away from Bruneck. So I am very happy I will get to see the games and my parents will be here too! They play Serbia on February 11 at 8:45, Netherlands on February 13 at 8:45 and Great Britain on February 14 at 8:45. Forza Italia! Forza Kevin!

< < < C H R I S T M A S > > >

Christmas Crafting.

Made pom poms for days! 

Holidly Cheer! #targetfail #letitroll

My mom sent me my favorite pine smelling yankee candle! 

Mr. Milo opened all the christmas presents early when Kevin and I went grocery shopping one day. Didn't ruin anything just tore up all the paper off of every single present. He really wanted his new  billywolfnyc jacket before Christmas! 

The best stand in the christmas market was this potato stand! Love his rustic style too!

Rustico and Chili. I came to find later Ricotta was my fave! or to mix the Ricotta and Rustico was on point!

This store Pur is amazing and everything they sell is from South Tyrol (the region we live in) www.pursuedtirol.com

Even the coffee is from South Tyrol and Milk for my Cappuccino and this ricotta pastry was delicious!

We bought some Lagrein Wine and Knödel (traditional boiled dumpling dish of this region/Austria/Germany) for dinner.

Wondered the Bruneck Christmas Markets and tried the Glühwein (hot mulled wine with spices)

Pizza dinner at Mausefalle located in Sand in Taufers. They offer a cheese stuffed crust and its delicious! www.mausefalle.bz You always have to make a reservation! 

Beautiful Bruneck.

Handmade christmas card for Kevin!

Skyping my family on Christmas Morning! Miss them

Got to watch Alexander open gifts <3

Then put a straw in his orange! :)

My lovies.

Our Christmas Dinner. Kevin and I didn't have much food in the house since spending the day before in Asiago and everything was closed on Christmas Day and we usually have to go grocery shopping everyday because our fridge is mini. Luckily our landlords gave us pork sausages from the pigs on the farm. It was so nice of them and they were very good!

< < < N E W   Y E A R S  > > > 

Starting off New Years Eve with some Amarone! 

We went to K1 apres ski located at Kronplatz and danced on tables! www.k-1.bz

We watched about 100 skiers come down the mountain with fire and then a few of them did flips before the fireworks started. Fireworks were great! Bravo K1 you put on a great show!

Rang in the New Year at the center of Bruneck. Bring on 2016! Its gonna be a good year! 

New Years Day lunch at home. 

peace & love,
K . A . M