Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hello Fall. Asiago 2014!

Fall in Asiago! I am hoping to re-cap this hockey season over the next week since I have not been blogging much this season! We arrived back in Asiago at the end of August and here are pictures of the beginning of the season and the time enjoyed with my husband and the most spoiled dog in the world!

Happy horse on the trail!

Beautiful Dahlias!

 Kirst and I at the first pre-season game in our matching Aritzia scarfs and leather jackets!

Enjoying evening walks for caffe and gelato with my family!

Milo back in his favorite playground- the Italian countryside!

Just some afternoon dolce at a teammates family cafe, Casa del Dolce! Best sweets in Asiago! 

Milo reunited with his horse friends!

Cows along the trails!

Long walks with my mini-horse everyday while the weather was still warm!

My handsome coffee date! He's the best!

Tree of Life <3

Ready for the team hike in Gallio!

Beautiful person <3

 The Happy People! Only wives that signed up!

 Milo really helped pulling up the hill!

 Just ran across a couple cows laying along the trail!

 Sully Sully Sullivan!

Lunch time ready for us at the top!

This years Asiago team theme- Strong like Vikings!

Kirst and I were the nominated MVPs for the day!

 The leaves are a changing!

First regular season game with the girls!
Milo's little buddy Winston! Winston is always protecting him.

Yes we go on a lot of hikes, walks, runs! He's the luckiest dog in the world!

He also gets to run around with his buddy Jack almost everyday and play Palla!

Day on the town with the fam!

Horsey kisses!

Pizza nights at Stella! Favorite pizza in Asiago! The crust is the best!

This beauty!

My arts & crafts projects to decorate for the fall! #sticksandtribal

Handmade signs <3 

Found wild strawberries growing in our backyard! Amazing!

 Asiago on a rainy day!

Hikes in Canove!

The three amiagos! Milo, Molly & Winston!

Lunches at Pennar usually once a week! The best! 

Carpaccio and Prosecco! Just some of my favorite things!

Pink the Rink! Game for Breast Cancer awareness month!

Family snuggle days are my fave!

Last year I was not ready for Halloween at all, because I didn't expect any Trick-or-Treaters, so this year I came prepared. Even with the 10 Trick-or-Treaters we did get :)

Meow :)

The cows were in our backyard for a couple days while they walk them down the mountain for winter!

These chocolate muffins (or should probably call them cupcakes) lol with warm gooey nutella inside is the best thing ever!

Happy boy!

 He loves soccer balls!

 A fan and friend invited us over for a sunday lunch at his home with his family and friends!

This porch swing rocks!

I love Grappa and most of the other North Americans don't! It's very strong but you sip it slow! Most Italians will put it right in there espresso or rinse out their espresso cup with Grappa, along side their dessert of course!

The chili, fajitas, and endless dolce was all so amazing! 

We had Thanksgiving dinner with our hockey family! <3

In Hockey News...

Asiago beat Appiano in the first round of playoffs. It was a tough round that went to game 7 and Kevin received an 8 game suspension in game 2. Really unfair call. All the matters is Asiago played strong in the end and won!

Now moving on to the next round of playoffs they have won the first 2 games against Milan and have their 3rd game tonight! Forza Asiago!!!! <3 Kevin will be back for game 4! Hoping for a 4 game sweep and then it will be on to the finals again Brunico or Renon!!!

Forza Asiago!! Heart of a lion! Lion Strong!!

peace & love,
K . A . M